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Transforming Scrooge: Scrooge Therapy And A Blueprint for Spiritual Awakening With Joe Cusumano

    Joe Cusumano For 35 years, Joseph has been a Licensed Professional Counselor, and he has achieved a remarkable milestone in the field. In 1997, he became the 43rd person in the state of Missouri to pass the National Counselors…

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Podcasting Tools Of The Trade

When I first started podcasting in 2015 I didn't know what equipment to use. Frankly, podcasting in general was a fairly new industry, so my resources were limited.  I have learned (mostly by mistake), what works sort of well, and what works g…

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The Neuroscience Of Self-Care And Why It’s So Important

  Episode 113: The Neuroscience Of Self-Care And Why It's So Important I talk a lot about self-care, and you probably have heard me ask my guests about what their top self-care activities are, so I decided to write about one of my newes…

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