The Mental Health Today Show

The Mental Health Today Show

The Mental Health Today Show encourages and inspires people to work on their mental health. John Cordray is a board-certified counselor and the host of the Mental Health Today Show, and one of the leading voices of emotionally healthy living.

John talks about anxiety, anger, marriage, lifestyle, depression, and more. Listen as John talks about how to keep calm from the stress of life.

Championing your mental health since 2015.

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About the Host

John CordrayProfile Photo

John Cordray


John has been a licensed therapist since 2007, and he is now working as a licensed telehealth therapist. John launched The Mental Health Today Show in 2015 and released Season 1 video series on Amazon Video in 2016.

John has appeared on the radio, TV, and podcasts, and he spoke at several big conferences including SXSW.

John currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

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