What's the LINK between Anxiety and Nausea?

What's the Link between Anxiety and Nausea? Millions of people suffer from anxiety and nausea, and knowing the link between the two can be helpful in many ways.

I decided to do this video based on the feedback from my other videos about anxiety and nausea. Thanks for your feedback and let me know how I can help you from my channel.

If you have anxiety and nausea talk about it in the comments so others can reply. This is a great community!

00:00 Link between anxiety and nausea
00:25 Mental Health Today Show Podcast
01:19 Connection between your brain and gut
01:58 Natural chemicals in your brain
02:38 Your body immune system
02:48 Triggers that cause anxiety
03:18 Negative reaction in your gut
03:28 Learn to calm your brain and gut
04:55 Link from your brain to your gut




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