Do you have a hard time sleeping because of anxiety?

Do you have a hard time sleeping because of anxiety? Sleep is vital for your brain and serotonin levels, which help regulate your mood and can affect nausea.

During this video, I talk about how you can fall asleep faster, answer questions from viewers, and talk about my latest video about how to fall asleep if you have anxiety.

I also talk about how to handle setbacks and why they are not always bad. If you had a setback in your recovery or you just can't seem to feel better, even though you really want to feel better, don't give up.

A setback can actually help you grow stronger and prepare you to be able to handle other hard things in your life.

You are not alone!

Video Chapters:
00:00 Welcome
02:30 My new video on anxiety and insomnia
04:05 Anxiety and sudden loss
05:08 Anxiety does not define you
06:37 Fear of the unknown
07:24 Anxiety for the first time
07:50 What's wrong with me?
08:12 Good news about anxiety
09:56 Should you go to therapy?
10:47 What to do with nausea
13:00 You have to put in the work
15:53 The stigma
16:10 Facing your fears
17:09 Mental Health Today Show (my podcast)
18:12 Mental illness or mental health issues?
20:24 Setbacks in recovery
27:36 I'm back on Youtube
28:21 You're not alone
28:45 Inner critic and intrusive thoughts
30:06 Closing thoughts

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I'm a Board Certified Counselor, and I use my YouTube channel as a platform to help people worldwide who struggle with anxiety and depression. Join me on my journey to help 2 Million people around beat anxiety and depression.

Thanks for watching and I hope you can join me again during my next Livestream.

John Cordray, board-certified counselor
Host of the Mental Health Today Show (Podcast)