March 12, 2018

School Safety and Mental Health

School Safety and Mental Health

Many offer suggestions after a crisis, but few offer preventative suggestions. In this episode John talks about his prevention plan.

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School Safety and Mental Health, Episode 86

It doesn't matter when you listen to this episode, it will always be relevant. School Safety is in the hearts and minds of most people all over the world. 

It seems like every day there is a new story talking about a school shooting, teen suicide, or some other tragic crisis among our young people.

In this episode, John talks about the importance of prevention and mental health for our young people, and what we all can do to help. 

John also talks about why he's been gone from his podcast for a while, and what he is doing now.

If you are school staff, administration, parent, or student you need to listen to this episode!

You can reach John on his website and on Twitter @JohnPCordray.