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I love this show because of the way John addresses some of the most difficult, yet relevant issues on mental health, to help his listeners. Great content always!

Informative and charming

John has such positive, uplifting energy. He talks about real life, challenging topics but does so with an ease and a gentle manner. Highly informative with a wide range of expert guests who give practical mental health guidance and support. Recommend!

Missed you!

Welcome back!!! Thank you thank you. ❤️♥️🙌

Great podcast on Mental Health

I recently connected with John on LinkedIn as a fellow therapist. I have started listening to his podcast episodes on my commute. John is relatable, engaging and knowledgeable. I most recently listened to the episode on “what if” and appreciated John’s tips regarding challenging the false beliefs, even as a clinical therapist myself I need this reminder.

Great podcast!

Great content! As a fellow social worker with experience in a similar field, I find John’s content really helpful!

Powerful & Inspiring

Really enjoyed listened to John’s podcast on unresolved grief. Having experienced a significant unexpected loss myself, his comments really hit home for me. I love how he mentioned how we can always have a “testimony of God’s Grace in the middle of tragedy.”

It is so Amazing

Great content

This is a great show and provides insightful content. Looking forward to more episodes.

Spot on assessment of trauma in our schools.

I am a first time listener and checked out the episode on Adverse Childhood Experiences in Our Schools(June 7, 2021). Unfortunately, the episode was too accurate. I was a public school teacher with 150 5th-graders over two years and the amount of kids who lack a stable home environment is heartbreaking. There are so many things the teachers and schools try to do, but it never seems to be enough. Keep bringing attention to this.

Really missing this podcast. Please bring it back

Are you still there? Where are you? Missing this and wanna know where to find you or your content now. Thank you.


I don’t usually write reviews. This is very informative on the facts of mental health issues that we as humans have to deal with.


I love this episode and they are helpful. Please continue to share. Thanks!

First time listening

Great area of interest for me as a therapist in schools for over 15 years working with developmental disabilities and mental heal kids. Also in my doctorate program for mental health policy. I am interested on getting trained teachers and staff in schools to help a growing issue for youth today.

New daily listener!

Just started this show today and it is awesome. It’s a lot of great information that can lose people’s interest in some cases but he is so genuine in how he delivers it and just pulls you in. I also find it really encouraging as someone trying to pursue a career as a behavior therapist.

Love this podcast!

I absolutely love John’s podcast. I actually first started following him on Periscope and found out about his podcast show. He gives helpful advice that is relatable and easy to understand. His energy is always positive and uplifting. Keep up all the great work John!

Great Content & Well Delivered

I've listened to a number of John's podcasts and periscopes and he does a great job! I come from a family that didn't talk about mental illness, phobias, stress and anxiety. To a large extent John has been very educational for me and given me some practical knowledge about topics, scenarios and people we all interact with. Keep up the good work John. I look forward to hearing episodes!

Very applicable!

Found John through Instagram (of all places) and after seeing a few of his posts about his show I decided to finally listen in. Not only did I enjoy the latest episode that he had downloaded, but went ahead and listened to EVERY episode he had published so far for this podcast! Even though I couldn’t apply every message he gave to my own life, there were many actionable tips that this content provides that I was able to use. Thanks so much and keep killing it! - Allie, Passion In Business Podcast

Awesome Mental Health Self-Help Show!

This is an awesome show as John addresses some of the most difficult, yet relevant issues pertaining to some form of mental health. If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, marriage problems, etc. this show is for you. I highly recommend that you subscribe and listen to The John Cordray Show as much as you can. You'll be glad you did!

Love the show

I was very impressed by the quality of not only the content, but in the audio as well. John clearly has experience, as he shows in the way he goes into depth with each topic he covers. Loved the show! Good work!


I appreciate John's honest and thought provoking advice. I don't know a person that doesn't need direction in overcoming the lies and negative thoughts we so often hear. Really great stuff!


John speaks with authority and the wisdom of years of experience. His podcasts are helpful to so many people who want to live their lives in the green zone.

Tool for Emotional Health

John's words of advice are insightful and coherent simultaneously. As someone who struggles with anxiety, his podcasts provide a tool to help me manage and cope with my feelings without having to go to a therapist for help. I recommend that you check out some of the resources John has made available. You'll be happy you did.