Feb. 11, 2016

JCS 057: Stop Complaining About Your "Hot Mess" And Do Something About It

JCS 057: Stop Complaining About Your

It's time for some Real Talk about your hot mess. It's time to do something about it.

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Stop Complaining About Your Hot Mess And Do Something About It

This is #RealTalk about your hot mess.

John challenges you to stop complaining about your hot mess and start doing something about it in this episode.

There's a time and place to be down and depressed about your hot mess, but you can't stay there forever.

You are the only one that can get you out of the negative thinking and stuck feeling, and it's about time you did something about it.

John talks about 5 Action Points that you can do to start doing something about your hot mess.

Do Something:

1. Talk to a close friend. Don't lean on them too heavily though.

2. Read a book.

3. Listen to podcasts.

4. Go to a therapist.

5. Join KeepCalmAcademy.com

The point is, there comes a time when enough is enough and you just need to do something. It's time to get off of your butt and start working on yourself.


John is offering a contest to purchase Keep Calm Academy for $1.00.


1. Use your smart phone to record a short video (less than 30 seconds) of why you think Keep Calm Academy can help you. 

2. Tweet the video and tag John in your tweet with his Twitter handle @JohnPCordray

3. John will choose and contact the winner.


This episode is brought to you by KeepCalmAcademy.com an 8 Module (video/audio) online course, packed with lessons and resources to help you keep calm from your hot mess. 


Learn more about John Cordray at www.johncordray.com