Feb. 4, 2016

JCS 056: Developing The Right Mindset With Anxiety

JCS 056: Developing The Right Mindset With Anxiety

Learn how to develop the right mindset if you live with Anxiety.

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Developing The Right Mindset With Anxiety

If you live with anxiety you know how hard it can be just to get through the day.

Wouldn't be nice if there was a "switch" that you could turn off your anxiety?

If you struggle with anxiety it's critical to learn and understand how to develop the right mindset on how to think and live with it.

It's possible to bring emotional balance back to your life and learn how to keep calm, but it's hard work and will take a lot of determination and motivation to keep going when you want to give up.

Developing the right mindset with anxiety starts with your belief system.

What do you believe about yourself in the midst of your anxiety?

Do you tend to give into the lies of your inner critic that tells you that you are not good enough, a loser, a failure?

Or can you refuse to believe the lies and choose to focus on the positives in your life instead?

John talks about why it's so important to start developing the right mindset with your anxiety and how to change your attitude.


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