Dec. 22, 2015

JCS 052: Why You Hate Crowds And What To Do About It

JCS 052: Why You Hate Crowds And What To Do About It

Do you hate being in a crowd? Do you avoid going to the doctor or dentist? Would you rather just stay home and not go out? Listen to John talk about what you can do if you hate crowds.

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Why You Hate Crowds And What To Do About It

When you're in a place with a lot of people and you freak out inside, your heart beats fast, your mind races, than you have social anxiety. 

If you hate crowds and if you have social anxiety you're not crazy. 

In this episode John talks about why you need to accept the fact you have social anxiety, but not like it. John offers some practical action steps that you can take to face your fear of crowds.

Don't let the invisible anxiety leach suck the life out of you. Find out what you can do to start to face and fight your fear of crowds.

You have more power than you realize, and John wants to help you discover that power so you can gain the confidence you need to be in a crowd without freaking out.

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