Dec. 8, 2015

JCS 048: John's Live Coaching Sessions

JCS 048: John's Live Coaching Sessions

Sign up today for John's Live Coaching Sessions. If you're stuck with an emotional hang up then John's Live Group Session is for you!

John's Live Group Coaching Sessions

Start living the life that you were intended to live. If you are struggling with some type of emotional hang up or emotional baggage then John's coaching session is for you.

John Cordray is a national certified therapist and a personal development coach and he has helped hundreds of people unlock their true potential.

John wants to help you as well.

Sign up today if you want to be in John's very selective and specialized group. Once you sign up you'll be placed on a waiting list until John's next session opens up.

Sign up to be on John's list here:

John's Live Group Coaching Session