Nov. 17, 2015

JCS 042: Anxiety and The Walking Dead. Wait...What?

JCS 042: Anxiety and The Walking Dead. Wait...What?

Anxiety is like zombies in many ways. Listen to what John has to say about how to survive anxiety zombies.

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Anxiety and The Walking Dead. Wait...What?

You have surely watched the hit TV show The Walking Dead. Okay, I admit it. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows. Why? 

For several reasons:
1. I have always had an interest in film make up and special effects. The Walking Dead brings that out big time.
2. I have always been a huge fan of zombies. The classic zombie movie, directed my thee George Romero, The Night Of The Living Dead. Classic movie with special effects and a genius use of lighting and shadows. Without CGI.
3. I have always liked shows that depict the human spirit to live and survive.
As I watch The Walking Dead I am struck with the parallel between living with a mental health disorder and Zombies. In particular Living with Anxiety.
How Living With Anxiety Is Like The Walking Dead
To be clear anxiety is the Walkers in my comparison.
  • Anxiety is always waiting to eat you.
  • Anxiety won't go away on it's own. No matter how fast you try to hide from it, it will not go away.
  • Anxiety is ugly and scary.
  • Anxiety will make you feel you're on your own. 
  • Anxiety does not care who you are. Rich or poor, male or female, young or old, it wants to consume you.
  • Anxiety won't die on it's own. It will keep living until you do something about it.
  • Anxiety can paralyze you to the point of panic and shear terror.
Now for the people:
  • People at first are in shock and completely afraid.
  • People at first don't know how to kill the Walkers.
  • People at first feel helpless and hopeless.
  • People at first feel like there's no way to escape.
But then something changes in people after awhile.
  • People learn what to do about the Walkers.
  • People learn how to fight the Walkers.
  • People learn that they are not alone.
  • People learn that it's better to fight the Walkers together, rather than alone.
  • People learn to not trust their anxiety, but focus on the task at hand.
  • People learn to hold on to hope and restoration I spite of their circumstance.
  • People learn to reach out for hope.
  • People learn to help and support one another.
There you have it: Anxiety and The Walking Dead!
If you struggle with Anxiety you have a "Walker" always trying to consume you. But, remember you are not a lone and hold on to hope and restoration.
Reach out for help and hold onto hope.
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