Nov. 10, 2015

JCS 039: How Stress Is Making Your Anxiety Worse

JCS 039: How Stress Is Making Your Anxiety Worse

Find out how your stress is playing a major factor with your anxiety. Learn what you can do to reduce the stress in your life.

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How Stress Is Making Your Anxiety Worse

Stress is the number one factor of many mental illness including anxiety and depression. Most leading experts agree that if we reduce our stress levels, we'll reduce anxiety and depression as well.

The Problem:
We are all stressed, but some are over-stressed. Most of us are more concerned about taking care of others, that we neglect ourselves to the point of exhaustion.
We give and give to others, but neglect ourselves. We can run on empty for so long, and then we'll run out of gas - stranded.
Stress is so dangerous to our health because it's a silent and often a slow process of deteriation of our body from the inside out.
1. Stress can cause a lack of sleep.
2. Stress can cause burn out.
3. Stress can cause marital problems.
4. Stress can cause diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other organ damage.
5. Stress can wear down our imune system that can lead to other problems.
Stress can cause and be the root cause of anxiety, fear and anger.
The Solution:
Work on yourself. 
1. You may need to set limits for yourself and learn to say "no" to things.
2. Excercise
3. Eat healthy
4. Go to the doctor for regular check ups
5. Laugh
6. Do things just for yourself
7. Take breaks
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