Oct. 29, 2015

JCS 036: No Longer A Victim! Healing From Sexual Abuse With Paula Mosher Wallace

JCS 036: No Longer A Victim! Healing From Sexual Abuse With Paula Mosher Wallace

If you have been sexually abused you don't have to be a victim any longer. Listen as Paula Wallace talks about her story.

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No Longer A Victim! Healing From Sexual Abuse with Paula Mosher Wallace

Sexual abuse can be so devastating and can be a deep secret for many years. So often people who have been sexually abused are living a life full of shame and self-loathing.

In this episode you'll hear from Paula Wallace, who was sexually abused as a child, and now uses her story to help others who are healing from sexual abuse.

Get to know Paula Mosher Wallace and her ministry and book, Bloom in the Dark.

Born in the jungles of Peru to missionary parents, Paula’s beginning in life was anything but typical.

Raped at the age of 5, Paula was caught in a cycle of damage and abuse which lasted into her thirties.

From sexual abuse to later mental, emotional and even spiritual abuse, Paula developed a victim mentality, which fueled decades of continued abuse.

The trauma she experienced caused her to develop a variety of psychosomatic illnesses which, at times, left her bed-ridden.

Broken beyond endurance and suicidal, Paula cried out to God for help. He miraculously intervened, faithfully walking with her through a dramatic healing process.

Along the way, Paula learned to stand up to her abusers and stop attracting predators. She now knows, from personal experience, the healing, deliverance, and hope that only God can bring.

As an ex-victim, Paula’s passion to help others resulted in her writing Bloom in the Dark, a compilation of true stories shared by women who have walked through personal darkness and abuse.

Each story tells how God met, healed, and restored an ex-victim. Readers discover that they are not alone and that there is lasting hope and healing!

Through the ministry of Bloom in The Dark, Paula focuses on writing and speaking to female abuse victims—raising awareness about abuse, bringing hope to victims, and partnering with ministries to help victims recover.

A single mom living in Nashville, Paula homeschool's her three sons, ranging in age from six to fourteen. The boys are a key part of Paula’s support team and her biggest fans. Together they enjoy swimming, hiking and roller skating.

To learn more about Paula and her ministry, including her book, Bloom in the Dark, visit www.bloominthedark.com



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