Oct. 22, 2015

JCS 034: Why Do You Get So Angry? Take My 5 Day Challenge

JCS 034: Why Do You Get So Angry? Take My 5 Day Challenge

Recorded in front of a live audience through Periscope, John talks about why we get angry and what to do about it.

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I am trying something new here, I am recording my podcast episode while I am scoping a live periscope. So, this podcast episode was recorded in front of a live audience. 

I am so glad that you have joined me today. Let me ask you a question. Do you get angry?
If you're a funny person, you may answer my question like my father-in-law would, "Does a bear poop in the woods?"
If you're a shy person you may just answer my question in your head.
If you're an angry person you may get offended by my question and you may say it's none of my business.
Whatever type of person you are I'm sure you get angry to some degree.
Here are 5 Personality Types of Anger:
  1. The Stuffer: Someone who holds in their anger until their anger can no longer remain stuffed and then it comes out with a vengeance.
  2. The Exploder: Someone who explodes at the drop of a hat.
  3. The Silent Assassin: Someone who quietly seeks revenge or to get even.
  4. The Abuser: Someone who uses their anger to manipulate others out of fear.
  5. The Occasional Angry Person: Someone who gets angry once in a while.
What Angry personality type are you?
Why Do You Get So Angry?
What typically makes you angry?
  • Someone saying hurtful words?
  • Someone making you late?
  • Being inconvenienced?
  • Stress?
Did you know that there is always a reason why you get angry? It's true. You may not realize what the reason is, but there is always a reason for the source of your anger, and it's not always the other persons fault.
The biggest mistake we can make with our anger is to magnify it by focusing on the negative. Don't dwell on what is making you angry, it will only make you more angry!
Instead, take my challenge for the next 5 days if you want to help reduce your anger.
Take My 5 Day Challenge:
For the next 5 days, for at minimum every hour, force yourself to find gratitude. Even with the bad stuff in your day.
Graditude eradicates anger. It is very difficult to remain angry when you have an attitude of gratitude.
Examples of graditude:
  • Be thankful for being a live
  • Be thankyful for your family
  • Be thankful for the day
  • Be thankful for you job and being able to provide for your family
  • Be thankful for your home
Take my 5 day gratitude challenge and watch your anger slip away. Remain greatful for what you have, rather than complain about what you don't have.
This cognitive pivot mindset can change your life and change the lives around you.
You don't have to be enslaved to anger, you can do something about it right now.
What do you say?
I am working on an anger management video course that will walk you through exactly how to better control your anger.
The course contains everything I teach my clients who come to see me for coaching on anger management.
Pre-Register For John's Anger Management Webinar:
Visit my website johncordray.com to pre-register for my webinar coming soon where I'll show you exactly how my anger management course will help you control your anger.
This stuff works!
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