Oct. 20, 2015

JCS 033: 4 Practical Steps You Can Take To Get Unstuck

JCS 033: 4 Practical Steps You Can Take To Get Unstuck

Ever feel stuck in life? Feel like you're in a rut? Listen to this episode to learn what you can do to get unstuck.

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Have you ever been driving and then got stuck in the mud or sand? What happens?

You get upset and press on the accelerator harder only to find your tire speeding faster and faster and deeper and deeper into the hole – then finally you’re so far down that you get really stuck.  

Then feelings of hopelessness and loneliness set in making your day miserable. Have you been there?  

Maybe you have never had your car or truck stuck, but you may feel like your life is stuck and miserable like that.

As a therapist, I have talked to hundreds of people who feel like their life is stuck. The harder they try to do something, the deeper they feel stuck.

What are you dealing with that’s making you feel stuck in life? Some of the people that I have seen have dealt with high anxiety and they feel like they will never be able to be free of their constant feelings of inadequacy.

Some are dealing with depression and they feel like they can’t get past their dreadful thoughts of worthlessness. Others are struggling with their marriage and feel that their husband or wife will never change their destructive behavior.

Still others feel so trapped and stuck in life that they hurt themselves with a razor blade or the flame of a lighter as a way to temporarily escape their emotional pain.

I have also talked with college students who are addicted to pornography and only feel affirmed by a false intimacy.

I know that there are thousands of people who feel stuck in life and feel like there is no hope.

If that is you I want to encourage you that there is much more to life than what you are suffering from right now!

4 Practical Steps You Can Take To Get Unstuck

1. Tell someone about your struggle.

Often the act of letting someone in on your world of hurt and pain can be such a release and a feeling of freedom. You don’t have to feel ashamed of your struggle.

2. Do something for yourself.

Something that will challenge you, something that will stretch your ability. If you can experience accomplishing something that you feel is nearly impossible you will feel a sense of victory.

3. Seek help from a professional.

Go ahead and schedule an appointment to talk to a therapist. You may even need to talk to a doctor and take medication.

I know that the subject of medication can turn some people off, but I have seen people in extreme distress and only experienced relief after they took medication. When it’s needed, it’s need.

4. Try to think more positive.

It’s really easy to mope around like Eeyore from Whinny the Pooh, and convince yourself that the sky is always dark and always about to storm.

Try to see the positive in little things through out your day. Make a conscience effort to find something good in everyone and everything that you cross paths with.

You may be amazed how that will help you develop a better outlook on your life.

There you go. If you feel like your life is stuck and going nowhere fast, try to follow the four steps above.

I realize that there is no easy or quick fix to anything in life, but you have to start somewhere. Isn’t about time you start digging yourself out of the hole you’re stuck in.

And maybe you need to ask for someone to help you dig your way out too. Who knows, you may have an opportunity to help someone else dig out some day too!

I appreciate you so much!



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