Oct. 13, 2015

JCS 031: 5 Tips On Staying Motivated When You Want To Give Up

JCS 031: 5 Tips On Staying Motivated When You Want To Give Up

Have you ever wanted to give up on an idea? Do you have a hard time staying motivated? If you answered Yes, this episode is for you.

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Sometime's Nike's slogan 'Just Do It' isn't enough. Slogans and catch phrases are good, but sometimes they're not very motivating. They can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Fear, self-doubt and emotional baggage often de-motivates us. Keeping us from doing things we really need to be doing.
Do you say things to yourself like:
1. What's the use?
2. No one really cares
3. Why start something if it's not perfect
I have thought these too, but you and I need to keep moving forward and not allow our negative thoughts keep us from being and staying motivated.
What is it that you have a hard time staying motivated with?
Is it excericisng?
Is it keeping up with relationships?
Is it writing a book?
Is it starting a business?
What is it that you struggle with staying motivated to complete?
We can probably write a long list of all the reasons why we can't get motivated, but I want to talk about 5 Tips to help keep you going.
5 Tips On Staying Motivated When You Want To Give Up
1. Write out a daily action plan. Not just goals. Goals can often turn into dreams that never really get accomplished. An action plan involves committment on your part. Tell someone your action plan that will provide some accountability for follow through.
2. Celebrate the small wins. Enjoy accomplishing the small tasks on your daily action plan. Invite someone to celebrate with you.
3. Write out a mission or priority statement and post it, memorize it. Keep it with you at all times.
4. Get feed back from others about your idea. You need honest feedback about your idea, because you will be tempted to tell yourself that your idea is dumb.
5. Recruit someone to be your cheerleader. You need someone who has your back and will encourage you verbally and in written form to keep going. Nothing is more motivating than someone in the stands rooting for you to win.
You have great ideas, but if you are not motivated to follow through with your ideas than your ideas won't help anyone.
Do you have an idea that you're thinking about right now? Are you having a hard time staying motivated to implement your idea?
Follow the five tips that I just mentioned to help you stay motivated. 
Your idea just may be what helps someone, but you must stay motivated and follow through with your idea.
So, it's more than simply saying, "Just Do It", it's believing in yourself and in your ideas and overcoming the barriers of fear and self-doubt.
Before you can say "Just Do it" you need to tell yourself "I can do it."
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