Oct. 8, 2015

JCS 030: 3 Steps To Overcoming Self-Doubt

JCS 030: 3 Steps To Overcoming Self-Doubt

Learn what you can do to overcome your self-doubt and start living how you want to live.

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Do you have self-doubt? I'm sure you do - we all do at some point in our lives.
Do this describe you?
You have an idea for a business, but you give up before you even try, because you convince yourself that no one will like your idea.
You want to ask your boss for a promotion, but you don't because you just know that he'll laugh in your face.
You have, what you think, is helpful information for your group presentation at school, but you remain quiet because you afraid of looking stupid.
Giving up, not starting or remaining quiet are often the result of self-doubts.
Have you been there? Have you had self-doubt about something in your life?
Sure you have - we all have.
I had self-doubts about starting my podcast show.
I had doubts that I knew what I was doing or how to launch a podcast.
I had doubts that anyone would listen to me.
I had doubts that my podcast would be helpful at all.
Our self-doubts can keep us from so many things:
  • Friendships
  • Career advancement
  • Reaching your full potential
  • Working towards a dream
Self-doubt robs you of self-confidence.  Self-doubt is the antithesis of self-confidence. You can't have both. You will either have self-doubt or you'll have self-confidence.
This means that if you can work on overcoming self-doubt your confidence level will increase.
3 Steps To Overcoming Self-Doubt

1. Tell someone you have self-doubts

2. Be a student of what you are trying to learn
3. Step out on faith. Don't confuse failing with being a failure
DON'T confuse failing with being a failure!
Find someone to hold you accountable about working on your self-doubt. Self-doubt almost always grows when you give into it.
When you allow your self-doubt to keep you what you really want in life it will grow and attach itself to you. 
The more you give into it, the more you feed it, the more you feed it the bigger it will be, the bigger it gets the harder it will be to overcome it.
So, find someone to help you in your journey of self-confidence.
This is not something you should do alone. You and I need someone that we can be vulnerable to and for them to be vulnerable to us.
We need not be ashamed of our weaknesses.
We need to build each other up!
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