Sept. 17, 2015

JCS 024: A High School Reunion and 5 Reflections About Life

JCS 024: A High School Reunion and 5 Reflections About Life

When do you reflect on your life? Do you have regrets? Listen to John talk about 5 reflections of life in this episode.

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There comes a time when we sit back and reflect on who we really are. Where we came from, how we got to this point in our lives, where we're heading.

Thinking and reflecting about life happens a lot at funerals, weddings, and high school reunions.
A High School Reunion and 5 Reflections About Life
What were you like in high school?
I was reminded of this very question when I went to wife's 25th high school reunion.
You know the scenario, old friends catching up with each other while the spouses sit at a table bored out of their minds. Yeah, I was at that table.
But, as I sat at the table watching old friends get reacquainted, I noticed something interesting that made me reflect on my own life.
Reflections of our humanity, what makes us truly human, the cord that connects us all. 
We all have a past, some we are grateful for, some we regret.
Here are 5 Reflections of humanity:
1. We all have a story. 
High school reunions are great places to put on a mask and pretend we have it all together. We don't. All of us have a story, and it usually involves pain and hardship.
Takeaway: don't be quick to judge others. Don't assume the worst in people. You don't know why they do wha t they do.
2. We can't change our past.
Our past can be full of regrets, should haves, Could haves. We may have a painful past, and we can't change that fact.
Takeaway: We can't change the past, but we can make make amends with those we have hurt. 
3. We can learn from our brokenness. 
We're not perfect, far from it. We are broken, and we often let others down.
Takeaway: Remember that others are broken too. Be quicker to forgive than to hold grudges. 
4. It's better to give and forgive, than to take and hate.
Life is much too short to hold grudges and resentment. 
Takeaway: Do you have anyone that you are angry with? Are you bitter? Life is already full of conflict and strife, don't add to it by holding a grudge. It's time to let go.
5. Change isn't always a bad thing.
Change can actually be good. If you have areas in your life that you don't like, you can change it for good. 
Takeaway: we are all broken, yes. We're not perfect. But, we can work on changing a negative behavior and try to turn it into a positive one.
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