Aug. 20, 2015

JCS 016: 10 Reasons Why Men Refuse to Seek Therapy

JCS 016: 10 Reasons Why Men Refuse to Seek Therapy

Find out Why Men Have a Hard Time Seeing a Therapist

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Men, you have a hard time admitting you need help, right? Even when it comes to asking for directions. 

I get it. I have a hard time asking for directions too, but as a man and a therapist I want to encourage you to at least consider talking to a therapist.

In this episode I talk about the 10 reasons why men refuse to seek help.

10 Reasons Why Men Refuse to Seek Therapy:

  1. Shame. He might appear weak.
  2. Downplay. He thinks his problem really isn't that big of a deal.
  3. Private. He doesn't want anyone to know his problems.
  4. Defiance. He doesn't want anyone to tell him he's wrong.
  5. Narcissistic. He thinks he is better than others.
  6. Avoidance. He doesn't want to dig up the past.
  7. Embarrassment. He's concerned about what others will think.
  8. Toughness. He has been told all their life that "boys don't cry".  He doesn't want to revel weakness.
  9. Martyrdom. He feels like he deserves what happened to him.
  10. Guilt. He thinks it was his fault in the first place.

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