Aug. 11, 2015

JCS 013: How to Kick Your Inner Critic's Butt

JCS 013: How to Kick Your Inner Critic's Butt

Learn how to start thinking more positively about yourself

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Do you have an inner critic? That voice in your head that condemns just about everything you do when you make a mistake - blaming, criticizing and belittling your every thought and action?

The negative thought cycle goes around and around, leaving you feeling discouraged and defeated. You become your worst enemy.

It's time to stop calling yourself names and tearing yourself down.

The inner critic often causes people to isolate themselves and withdraw from just about everything and everyone.

If this happens to you it's time to start kicking your inner critic's butt.

It will be a battle between your inner critic and your inner coach.

An inner coach is the encouraging voice in your head that refuses to listen to the negative talk of the inner critic.

How to Kick Your Inner Critic's Butt:

  1. Draw a large "T" in the middle of a piece of paper.
  2. On the left side write down all of your negative thoughts and feelings.
  3. On the right side write down the truth and evidence that counters your negative thoughts and feelings.
  4. Repeat the truth and turn them into positive statements.
  5. Look at your list often.
  6. Look for the silver lining in everything.

If you have an inner critic, it's time to kick it's butt for good. Stop beating yourself up and learn to give yourself a break.

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