July 10, 2015

JCS 005: 10 Insights for Failing Marriages

JCS 005: 10 Insights for Failing Marriages

Don't wait until it's too late to save your marriage

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Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you and your spouse fight all the time? Listen to John talk about 10 insights for failing marriages. 


As a marriage therapist, John has seen many couples over the years in his office and now he talks about how you can help your marriage.


10 Insights:

1. It's more important to resolve a conflict, than to win it.

2. It takes two to be in a conflict, but only one to end it.

3. Learn to let go of things from the past.

4. Be quick to listen and slow to become angry.

5. Move toward your spouse instead of away.

6. Admit to your spouse when you're wrong.

7. Find common ground on what you both agree on first.

8. Take 15 minutes a day to talk.

9. Learn to compromise.

10. Ask your spouse what you can do to show love.


Be sure to visit John's website for more helpful content www.johncordray.com


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John Cordray, LPC, NCC

Licensed therapist & National Certified Counselor