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Joseph Cusumano

Therapist and Author

LPC in Missouri since 1986...the 43rd person in the state to pass the exam. I now have licenses in Missouri, Illinois, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Since covid, I've been exclusively a video therapist. I've had covid taste or smell. I love it. I work on a cash basis only. I've written two books: Transforming Scrooge (1996) and If You Build It (1999). The first book is an analysis of Scrooge's transformation. It is now in digital form (25th anniversary). The other book is about Field of Dreams. It was the first book written about the movie, and it was sold at Left and Center Field of Dreams for 10 years. I was an English teacher/Reading Specialist for 28 years until 2005, and a part-time therapist until I retired. I worked at several clinics and was the Director of Counseling at Lindenwood University from 2013 - 2017. I am a devotee of Henry David Thoreau and Thornton Wilder. I wrote a research paper about Thoreau titled Henry David Thoreau: Secret Schizoid, which was published in the Concord Saunterer in 2020 (came out in February of 2021). I would very much like to appear in late November/early December to discuss the Scrooge book, and to also discuss the controversial BBC remake (2019) of the story starring Guy Pearce. Disturbing, but for therapy purposes, highly instructive.