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JD Meints

Founder & CEO

J.D. Meints has been an entrepreneur in tech for more than 20 years, first in the real estate sector and then in an e-commerce company. He was successful as a businessman, and that success led in part to a lifestyle of drinking and drug use. For years he kept it together, partying hard, feeding his addiction, then recovering enough to operate his business and keep his family intact. But in 2012 the walls began to crumble around him. First, he was kicked out of his own business. Then, after a particularly hard night, his wife confronted him with an ultimatum: Get sober or get out.
“That was the last straw,” says Meints. That night he drove around their California neighborhood trying to decide what to do next. For a week he drove around town to different Alcoholics Anonymous meetings but couldn’t get up the nerve to walk inside. Then he’d go home and lie to his wife that he’d been to the meeting.
“A week later, I finally went into a meeting, and I never looked back,” says Meints.
Baring his soul with honesty and vulnerability to a group of strangers was eye-opening for Meints, and it was also just the beginning. Pretty quickly, his entrepreneurial nature was triggered once again, and he dove headlong into in-person treatment centers. He launched his own brick-and-mortar clinic in California, and the experience of helping others face the demons he was so familiar with changed his life.
“I’ll never forget picking up our first patient from the airport. To watch him go through this transition was amazing, and then to get these phone calls from moms, dads, or brothers, saying, you gave them their life back. I knew everything in my life had led me to this point.”
Once he had a few years of running physical rehab clinics under his belt, Meints decided it was time for a platform upgrade. From his experience in tech as a serial entrepreneur, he knew there were ways to improve care and lower costs, and that addiction recovery was lacking in its tech infrastructure. Thus, Nulife Virtual was born.

Oct. 24, 2022

How NuLife Virtual Is Revolutionizing Behavioral Health Treatment With J.D. Meints