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Dr. Calvin Sun

Author, ER Physician, Founder of Monsoon Diaries

Dr. Calvin D. Sun is based in New York City and worked as an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine at emergency rooms all over the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. He recounts the early months of Covid-19 in his upcoming book, The Monsoon Diaries: A Doctor’s Journey of Hope and Healing from the ER Frontlines to the Far Reaches of the World.
Dr. Sun has been a frequent guest on national and international new programs to help inform others of the pandemic situation in New York City. He brings medical knowledge and empathy to the story of COVID-19 and is no stranger to grief himself, having lost his father when he was just a teenager, and his grandfather to COVID-19. Over the past twelve years, Dr. Sun has traveled to over 200 countries and territories, while also completing medical school and going through medical residency. With his organization, the Monsoon Diaries, he has led other everyday travelers around the world on memorable adventures.