April 24, 2017

Ep. 084, Does Faith Play a Role in Mental Health?

Ep. 084, Does Faith Play a Role in Mental Health?

John answers a question from a listener about faith and mental health.

Does Faith Play a Role in Mental Health?

This is a great question from listener who asked me about my opinion about faith and mental health.

I am a Christian, in fact, I spent 25 years in youth ministry helping teens navigate the up's and down's of life and helping them live their live's for Christ. So, when I was asked this question I was eager to talk about it on my show.

As a therapist I offer Christian counseling, but only to those who desire it. I realize that many of my clients are not Christians, just like I know many of my listeners are not Christians, and I want to make sure they (and possibly you), understand that I do not judge you for believing something different than me.

I have talked with many Christians who struggle deeply with their mental health and therefore, struggle deeply with their faith that God still loves them.

In this episode I address some of the concerns within the church that I have heard from people who struggle with mental health issues.

  • Feeling judged by other Christians
  • Feeling guilty for doubting God's love
  • Feeling shame for not attending church as often
  • Feeling all alone

These are common feelings among Christians who struggle with mental health. If you have or are, feeling down or your faith is slipping because of your mental health, please try to hold on to the truth that God does indeed love you. I don't know why you are struggling, but I do know that God cares for you. 

I hope this episode is encouraging to you!



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