Oct. 31, 2016

Ep. 076, How Self Awareness is Vital to Emotional Health

Ep. 076, How Self Awareness is Vital to Emotional Health

In this episode, John talks about why you must be able to understand yourself before you can be emotionally healthy.

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How Self Awareness is Vital to Emotional Health

Understanding who you are and what makes you tick is pivotal for developing a healthy emotional life. 

John talks about how many people end up on one end of the spectrum of either self doubt or self inflation. 

Having self awareness means that you know and understand what your weaknesses are and working towards becoming a better person.

Many people are either living in self doubt and shame and can only focus on their weakness. This allows for low self confidence to take over which often creates anxiety and depression.

Other people tend to focus on their strengths and become arrogant and haughty. This allows for judgement and entitlement to take over which often leads to putting others down in order to build themselves up.

John talks about how to achieve a healthy emotional balance which is good for everyone.


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