Oct. 3, 2016

Ep. 069, Your Emotional Intelligence is Greater Than Your IQ

Ep. 069, Your Emotional Intelligence is Greater Than Your IQ

John explains why he believes your emotional intelligence is greater than your IQ

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Your Emotional Intelligence is Greater Than Your IQ

 We spend too much time talking about IQ within our educational system and not enough time talking about emotional intelligence.

Most employers don't ask to see your GPA, but nearly all employers ask for references. Why? Your future employer wants to make sure you'll be a good fit and will do your job. References are for learning about how you get along with people as it is with how well you do your job.

The next time you get down on yourself, don't confuse your emotional struggles with your IQ. Stop calling yourself stupid when you don't understand something right away.

Learn to become self-aware and start working on becoming a better human being who likes people, and spend less time comparing your IQ with others - that's not productive. 


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