Sept. 30, 2016

Ep. 068, Overcoming Unhealthy Family Patterns

Ep. 068, Overcoming Unhealthy Family Patterns

You are not your dad! You are not your mom! John talks about how you can overcome unhealthy family patterns.

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Overcoming Unhealthy Family Patterns


As anyone ever told you, You are just like your mom or You are just like your dad? Or, maybe you have thought those words yourself.

John talks about ways you can overcome unhealthy family patterns that you may have learned as a child growing up.

Some of you respond to this in one of two ways: Shame or Denial.

Feelings of shame, regret, and resentment will destroy your self-confidence and effect your relationships.

Feelings of denial can come across as selfish, self-centeredness and outright refusal to change.

Both ways of handling unhealthy family patterns are, well... unhealthy. If you want to build your self-confidence or become more humble you must be willing to work on your stuff.

John will encourage and admonish you to start working on yourself and to (once and for all) overcome the unhealthy patterns that were passed down from your family!


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