Aug. 2, 2021

Developing Strength and Resilience from Childhood Sexual Abuse with Dr. Christian Heim

Dr. Heim Ph.D. is an award-winning Psychiatrist, Music Professor, and Churchill fellow. During his 20 years as a doctor and 13 as a psychiatrist he has heard the stories of 1000s of people, so he listens a lot. He gets lots of joy out of working as a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy. 

He specializes in adult trauma. He speaks from a place of deep compassion and authority on Mental Health issues that are affecting us all in this new normal: anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, suicide, personality issues, and relationship breakdown. 

His latest book "The 7 Types of Love: Navigating love in a fractured world" has just been released. He lives in Australia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with his wife Caroline and loves taking long walks on deserted Australian beaches and eating celery.

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How did you get involved with adult trauma?

How common is child sexual abuse?

Who is typically the abuser?

How often is sexual abuse reported?

What can happen to the adult who has been sexually abused as a child?

Can someone recover from sexual abuse?

Is there hope?

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